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 F.A.Q About P2K Series.

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PostSubyek: F.A.Q About P2K Series.   Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:11 am

F.A.Q About P2K Series.
Here Is Little Info About P2K ..

May Be This Can Help All Users..

1 P2k How To Connect Phone With Pc.?
A. Use P2k Driver To Detect Phone At Modem .Like Here Software Is Auto install So Just Tick On "Clean And Reinstall " Press Start It Install All. Here Is Link For P2k Driver Only Without Auto Install.
B. After Installing Modem You Have To Switch Phone To P2k Mode To Accept All Another Drivers Which Need For Read And Repair .Use Rsd Lite To Do That.. Link Is Here

2 What Is Reason We Have To Install Driver?
A. Motorola All Command And Loader Base On Factory Info.So They Using P2k Mode And Flash Mode To Access, Modification And Any Changing If We Need.
B. Without Driver We Can't See Phone So Must Install Before Do Anything.. And Open Rsd Lite To Let Him Complete Installation.

3 What Is Reason We Need Rsd Lite?
A. There Is Many Rezone .[1] To Install Complete Driver.[2] To Flash Firmware To Phone [3] Flash Fex File To Phone.

4 What Is Flash Mode?
A. Flash Mode Is Most Important Thing We Need To Flash Phone And Repair Phone. By Pressing {*+#+Power Button} You See Black Screen Which Come Because Of Flash Mode. With Much Info That What In Phone..

5 What Is P2k Mode?
A. P2k Mode Is Need To Send Phone Commands Receiving Data..
B. Modified Flex Area.
C. Modified User Area Like User Code Security Code.

6 At Flash Mode In Phone I Can See Many Info. What Are They?
A. Most Important Info. Boot loader Xx ***x
B. Software Version Info.
C. Interface Which Is Connected.

7 What Is Boot Loader?
A. Boot loader Is = Flash Mode.. Without Boot Loader Your Phone Go To Special Blank Mode.

8 What Is Software Version?
A. Software Version Which Ur Phone Have. You Must Flash Same Version Or Newer Then It Firmware Or Monster Flash File To Phone Only..

9 What Is Blank Mode?
A. Blank Mode Is Special Mode To Use Unlocking Changing Pds And If We Losted Boot loader Then Its Come..

10 How To We Know That Phone Is In Blank Mode?
A. Just Plug Cable To Phone And Pc Your Phone Detect As S Blank ****** Means Your Phone Have No Valid Boot loader. So Its In Blank. You Can Call Him Dead Phone Right Now..

11 What Is LTE And LTE2 Prog And Aragon?
A. Its Are Cpu That Phone Use.

12 What Is PDS?
A. Pds Contact So Much Info About Phone Security .
B. Pds Have Lock Data
C. Pds Have Calculated Security Of Phone.
D. Pds Can Be Rewrites Or Recalculated Via Only Tp. Or Blank Mode With Special Method.

13 What Is Reason At Phone Flash Mode We See Code Corrupted?
A. Firmware Damaged So First Reflash It
B. Pds And Firmware Code Not Matched Do Pds Repair And Reflash It.

14 What Is Reason We See Mem Blank At Phone Flash Mode?
A. Firmware Area Damaged Reflash Will Fix It.
B. Boot Area Damaged Install Boot Will Fix It.
C. Pds Area Damaged Recalculate Or Rewrite Pds Then Flash Will Fix It.

15 What Is Reason We See Some Time Lcd Problem?
A. Flex Area Have Special Part For Lcd Setting Rf Value You Need To Rewrite It.

16 How To Flash Phone With Rsd Lite?
A. Simple Just Connect Phone At Flash Mode [*+#+Power Button]
And Select Active Ur Model & Select Correct Flash File And Press Start ..

17 How To Check Software Version And Boot loader If Phone Lcd Damage Or Blank ?
A. Just Use Simple Flash Mode [*+#+Power Button] And Open Rsd Lite To See Phone Info. For More Details Just See Image.

18 Why Some Phone Start At Flash Mode Only?
A. Firmware Damaged Reflashing Full Flash May Solve
B. Pds Damaged Recalculate Or Rewrite Then Full Flash Need To Resolve Problem

19 What Is Image Flash? (RFDI)
A. It Is Repair File For Repair Boot And Pds For Blank Phones Only. If U Have Phone Which Is Detect In Blank Mode Only. Use RFDI Image To Restore/Repair Pds And Boot Area. After Flashing RFDI File You Must Flash Monster Flash Or Reflash To Phone.

20 What Is Monster Flash And Reflash?
A. Reflash Come With Only Firmware And Drm Area.
B. Monster Flash Come With Firmware, Flex, Pds Info, Drm, Lang, Mostly Everything.

21 What Is Reason Software Not Found Phone Start At Flash Mode Only?
A. Phone Firmware Damaged Reflash Monster Flash Only. To Check
B. Pds Corrupted Rewrite Or Recalculate Then Full Flash May Solve It.
C. Still Same Just Problem With Version In Case You Must Erase Phone Flash Then Do Image Flash To Restore Boot are Then Pds Repair To Check You Get Firmware Version Ok Or Not. If Ok Some Time Need To Reflash Latest Version To Let It Working Perfect .If No Then Have Bad Hardware At Phone.

22 How To See Which Firmware I Have Is Older Then Phone Have? In Easy How To Recognize Motorola Model Version?
A. For Example We Have Phone L7 SW Version R4513_G_08.B7.86R So We Have
R4513_G_08 Is Model Factory Permanent Version Which Should Not Be Change When You Flash Any New Version So Be Sure Your Firmware Start With This.
B7.86R = Is Our Firmware Version If We Have This At Phone We Should Use This One Or Newer Then This To Repair Phone Without It We Will Have Only Flash Mode Or Keypad Led Work Once And Phone Off.


Just Wait For Unlocking Info Soon I Post Every Tested Phone Method To Unlock And Repair Free.


note : i will update this thread day by day..

Gopal Chevli.




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F.A.Q (Frequency Asked Questions) pertanyaan yang sering di lontarkan tentang seri P2K

Mungkin ini dapat membantu user yang ada di sini

1- bagaimana cara menyambungkan P2k series ini ke pc?

sesuk diterusno maneh wis imsak....




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F.A.Q About P2K Series.
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