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Q: apa sih yang di maksud "Configuration Error..." dan bagaimana langkah penyelesaianya??

A: maksudnya adalah "file system" ponsel belum di sesuikan, penyesuian settingan dan certificate sangat di butuhkan oleh ponsel itu sendiri. langkah penyelesaianya masuk tab flash, kemudian centang pilihan "customize after write raw fs" kemudian klik tombol "customize fs

Q: bar unlock gae cruiser kok malah modar...??? what happen jarene bule

A: jika cid ponsel cid37 atau di atasnya maka ente harus mengembalikan dari cid brown ke red, sebab erom flash certificate telah di rubah bla bla....

halah mumet nerjemahno monggo di woco & terjemhin piambak2 nggeh mumet dasku


What does "Configuration Error..." message mean and how do I fix it?


This means that the phone's File System has not been customized. Customization uploads settings and certificates required by the phone. Go to the Flash tab, pull down the Menu under the Customise FS button and select the option closest to the File System contained in the phone. Then press the Customise FS button.


I unlocked my phone, but now it will not power on.


If the phone is CID37 or higher, you must convert back from Brown to Red otherwise the phone will not power on. It is because the new EROMs check whether the flash certificate has been changed. If yes, instead of starting the phone firmware up, they just let the charging LED blink. Alternatively you may use the Repair EROM function as well.


When I try to attach to the phone, it just powers on.


This is either a problem with your cable, or the phone itself. At first for a couple of times try this:

Press the Attach to phone button,

then insert the cable connector to the phone,

and finally insert battery to the phone.


I unlocked RSA but the phone still will only accept some SIM Cards (it's still locked!)


This is a common mistake first time Cruiser users make. RSA Unlock is not related to removing SIM locks. RSA unlock removes the Sony Ericsson protection on the phone, so that Cruiser is able to perform operations on the phone such as flashing a new Raw File System or performing GDFS modifications. You do not need to Remove RSA to Remove SIM Locks.


I need a recovery certificate for X type of phone! Where can I download it?


All available recovery certificates are now built into Cruiser. You do not need to download them. Under RSA Boot Options on the Primary tab, you can select Boot TypeNormal Boot select one of the Recovery Boot options. Once attached, go to the Security RSA tab and click on Repair Certificate. Click on the button is exactly the same as flashing a Recovery File to the phone.

There is a common misunderstanding that Recovery File will magically fix a badly flashed phone. This is not the case, the Recovery File just contains a special certificate that allows the phone to then be reflashed with a properly signed flash file. It is not a magic "Recover Broken Phone" file.

After using this function you will have to repair EROM or to reflash main firmware (in phones that do not have EROM area).



CID stands for Customer Identity.

Red = normal phone

Brown = developer phone

Blue = usually means phone in unfinished state. You should not change the phone to this unless you have good reason to.

The combination of CID and Color determines (is determined by) what certificate is stored in your phone. Almost all retail phones are Red in color, with a CID number of either 16, 29, 36, 37 or 49 (for Sony Ericsson phones) though others do exist.

As the CID numbers gets higher, the security protection on each certificate has been made harder and harder. CID29 phones are very easy to work with/unlock, while CID49 phones have only just been cracked and still have to be converted to brown before unlock is possible.


My phone reports No Color/CID! What is the problem?

If the Repair Certificate function does not work or the phone can not be booted even in Recovery mode, it is almost always caused by hardware/flash chip failure in the phone.



Detach the phone from cable, remove battery for 20 seconds, insert it back and try to turn the phone on.




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