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The Phone Repair Solutions

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Supported platform DB2020, CID 49/51/52

  1. Repair GDFS
    "GDFS" – part of the handset firmware that contains phone calibrating data, service settings, phone book, SMS parameters, organizer etc. Also, GDFS contains a copy of the IMEI that has to be identical with the IMEI in OTP.
    DreamBox SE provides a unique GDFS repair solution. This option is not supported by other tool, available on the market yet.
  2. Standalone permanent unlock (by Test Point)
    Remove SP lock, using "Test Point" connection method. No patches applied. Lock is removed directly. The process doesn’t require Internet connection and not limited.
  3. Multiflash FOTA/Main Firmware/File System using DCU-60 cable
    DreamBox provides an opportunity of multiflashing, i.e. working with numerous handsets simultaneously. The phones have to be connected to PC USB/USB HUB using DCU-60, standard SE USB data cable. The separate DBSS interface has to be run for each connected phone. In this case, the DreamBox works as a dongle and is only required for DBSS to be active.
  4. Easy unlock by patch (CID52 only)
    With this option the Unlock process is performed without "Test Point" connection. The user selects required firmware to flash the phone and DBSS offers all possible unlock patches for it automatically. No special firmware or patching tools are required. Automatic patch selection for any firmware is a unique DreamBox function.
  5. A large and convenient flash files database
    The biggest Flash Files database. Each file is compressed to the minimum size to save the traffic. All flashes sorted by the model, platform, fw version, type and language - really easy to find the required one.
  6. Read/write full flash
    Important option for the handset repair process. Allows restoring full flash backed up from another working phone. "Test Point" connection only.
  7. Read/write GDFS
    Option for repairing handsets with corrupted GDFS zone. Allows restoring GDFS backed up from another working phone. "Test Point" connection only.
  8. Phone customization
    A simple way of the handset unbranding and language changing. No "Test Point" connection is required.
  9. Changing CDA
    CDA defines handset's region and thus the firmware that is loaded to the phone. Also, CDA contains some phone customisation data. The correct CDA value is required for online firmware upgrades and proper handset functions.
  10. Upgrade CID
    CID - Certificate ID. This "number" defines the version of protection presented in the phone. Each CID requires its own loaders. To enable "Unlock by patch" option, CID version requires to be upgraded to CID52.
  11. Read phone info
    Read general phone information: fw version, language pack, CDA etc.
  12. Read phone internal diagnostic log
    Read advanced phone information, detect and analyze available firmware errors.
  13. Support firmware in *.ssw, *.mbn, *.fbn, *.dtf formats and customization packs in *.dta and *.zip formats.
    DreamBox SE supports all available Sony Ericsson flash files formats.
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feature dbse
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